When it comes to manufacturing, repairing, and retubing inflatable boats, trust no other than N&K Consulting.

Our company has been in the industry for 35 years and we're experienced in every area of making and fixing inflatable boats. N&K Consulting is run by Neil Curtling, the founder of Southern Pacific Inflatables which is the largest inflatable manufacturing company in New Zealand.

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Servicing your inflatable boat tubes is very important to keep you safe & have a reliable Inflatable for years of boating pleasure.  offer a high quality service with sound advise to ensure your boat receives the best service for your money.


Re-tubing will make your tired & worn looking inflatable look new. Our team of specialists will remove the old tubes fix any damage to the hull & refit new tubes with all new components. You can choose different fabrics as well as relocate or personalize the final set up with grab lines, extra laminates, handles & any other components to improve your boating experience.

Custom Inflatables

We can custom build you a boat set up to your specific needs with features to make your boating time easier & more enjoyable.

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RIB Boats Auckland

Rigid Inflatable boats are know as RIB'S, which are lightweight & stable at rest. RIB'S perform very well due to there low center of gravity & the extra buoyancy in the tubes. They can carry large loads & because the tubes are soft on your top sides they make great tenders for larger vessels.

Larger RIB'S are a very good platform for diving or fishing or make a great safety boat for any on the water club. The hulls are mainly made from Aluminum or Fiberglass & the tubes are mainly PVC (Plastic) or Hypalon (rubber). new technologies have been introduced over the last ten years & the latest is TPU (Polyurethane).

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