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RIB Boats Auckland

Rigid Inflatable boats are know as RIB'S, which are lightweight & stable at rest. RIB'S perform very well due to there low center of gravity & the extra buoyancy in the tubes. They can carry large loads & because the tubes are soft on your top sides they make great tenders for larger vessels.

Larger RIB'S are a very good platform for diving or fishing or make a great safety boat for any on the water club. The hulls are mainly made from Aluminum or Fiberglass & the tubes are mainly PVC (Plastic) or Hypalon (rubber). new technologies have been introduced over the last ten years & the latest is TPU (Polyurethane).

 specialize in PVC & the new TPU fabric's but we have years of experience with Hypalon & we will custom build tubes in Hypalon.

Our range of boats from 2.1 metre's to 5.5 metre's (larger custom boats are available) can be set up in different formats for different uses.

 will make a boat to suit your needs & to us quality does matter. 



Here at N&K Consultancy we are committed to repairing RIB boats and are continuously allocating our resources to obtain the latest technology that may help us repair RIB boats to the highest condition. We have a range of services that may be utilised to ensure your RIB boat is in great condition for the seasons to come. We are happy to be Auckland's RIB boats consultants.